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To make you feel safe and comfortable we are making you aware of our cleaning procedures for each of our cabins. Each cabin is cleaned using a check list of the following

procedures below.

  • All light switches, door knobs, window knobs/locks sanitized (Interior and Exterior)

  • Cupboard handles sanitized

  • Dishes, pots, pans and silverware drawers have been checked washed/sanitized if required

  • Refrigerator, microwave, oven cleaned with cleaner/disinfectant including handles/buttons

  • Remotes sanitized

  • Couch and chairs sprayed with disinfectant, Sleeper sofa has clean bedding

  • Clean blankets, towels and sheets

  • Bed skirt and headboard sprayed with disinfectant and/or replaced with clean skirt

  • Flooring vacuumed and mopped with cleaner and/or disinfectant

  • New sponges, trash bags and dish towels

  • Curtains and carpets sprayed with disinfectant

  • DVDs sprayed with disinfectant

  • Shower and toilet as well as all sinks scrubbed with bleach/disinfectant

  • New, washed shower curtain

  • Kitchen chairs wiped with cleaner/disinfectant

  • Keys sprayed with cleaner/disinfectant


Please wash your hands often and remember to social distance from other guests,

Thank you,

Little Colorado Cabins Staff

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